Shine Through The Challenge

At PointGuard Ventures we seek out entrepreneurs using technology to create new market opportunities or to solve problems in existing markets more cost effectively. We see our role in this process as the team advisor or coach and we see the CEO (entrepreneur) as the Point Guard driving the execution of the team.

Through our full team of advisors, venture partners and managing directors, we work to deliver the support needed by each of our portfolio companies. We have the operating experience and venture capital experience needed to help a team through all phases of their growth.


PointGuard Founding

We are an experienced team bringing 35 years of venture experience and 35 years of operating experience to help build dynamic new companies. Our venture experience spans over 50 startups, 12 IPO’s, and many successful M&A transactions during that period of time. We bring our personal experience and our team of experts to assist you in optimizing the strategy and execution of your business.

We are also dedicated to helping you move your product or services into other parts of the world market as soon as possible. Specifically, the Asian markets have proven to be dynamic growth centers for almost all US technology. The US market continues to be a major technology market and one that is important to validate and prove out most business models. However, moving your product to the Asian markets earlier in the life of the company can have a dynamic impact on your revenue, your growth and potentially on your ability to improve your success in an IPO or M&A. We will assist you in accomplishing this with the support of our strategic partner organizations based in the Asian countries.

Investment Focus - Markets

Our areas of investment interest are reasonably broad. We see a variety of technologies we are familiar with including software, semiconductors, networking, and hardware being combined to provide “technology convergence” solutions to many of today’s markets. The SaaS software model, social, and mobile are disrupting many markets and opening up new capabilities to service previously unavailable or reduced cost solutions. The markets that we have identified as the most opportune for change include Cloud Computing, Greentech, Point-of-Care medical, Education, and applied Data Analytics.

In evaluating an investment opportunity, we must first determine whether a company is providing a unique solution solving a difficult problem in a growth market. We recognize that the value of any company in any market is a function of their revenue growth, their profitability, the market size, and how the traditional equity markets view the value of that market sector. Of equal importance will be the management team and our assessment of their ability to deliver a successful business outcome.


Stage of Investment

We invest in Series A and early stage B rounds with the following criteria:
- Product strategy articulated and a functional product in early market validation
- Market focus and sales strategy identified and key customers contacted
- Any potential for intellectual property protection identified and in process

We will also opportunistically consider a later stage investment opportunity with the following criteria:
- Dynamic growth potential but need for an independent investor to set the price for the deal
- Restructure of an older company that needs quality board and advisor guidance to leverage growth


Investment Size

We initially invest from $2 to $10 Million into any one company and will invest >$10M in select deals over the life of the investment. Some of our strategic partners have the ability to provide expansion capital at later stages of the company’s life..