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Prevedére's award-winning predictive analytics software allows companies to look beyond their own walls for key external drivers of financial performance. Our software collects and analyzes millions of global metrics in real time, including macroeconomic factors, manufacturing activity, consumer behavior, online traffic and weather data. Prevedére’s customers see improved financial performance with more accurate forecasts of future demand for their products and services. Prevedére’s software quickly and easily integrates with any financial planning platform to ensure companies are looking at the right factors that drive business. To learn more visit prevederesoftware.com and follow @Prevedere on Twitter.



Nod Labs, a California based company has developed the next generation gesture control solution with the Nod wearable smart ring. Using gestures, motion-tracking, and tactile input, the Nod ring allows the user to engage with virtually any immersive platform. Precision skeletal tracking to fully experience VR environments, commanding drones with a wave of your hand, and interactions with your favorite smart devices are all possible with the Nod ring solution. Additional products will be announced in the future as augmenting elements of the Nod solution.



SERVIZ is an on-demand home services company that aims to disrupt the $400 billion home repair industry by offering a faster and less expensive way to book and pay for home services online. From handyman work to plumbing, carpet cleaning, electrical work and appliance repair, SERVIZ provides background checked and licensed professionals at unbeatable, upfront prices, all at the click of a button. SERVIZ is headquartered in Sherman Oaks, CA and currently serves the greater Los Angeles area, including Orange County, with plans to expand nationwide.



InSilixa is developing a new generation of high-performance MDx platforms leveraging IC manufacturing technology. InSilixa’s fully integrated devices including biochips, are specifically designed to be cost-efficient, mass-deployable, and disposable, yet offer superior clinical performance, specificity, and parallelism. The InSilixa point-of-care (POC) systems can rapidly identify the infecting pathogen in clinical samples and simultaneously verify the absence or presence of genetic mutations that result in antibiotic resistance.



Deem® is the provider of Deem@Work, one of the largest and most diverse syndicated commerce networks in the world (CaaS). Corporate customers purchase travel services, supplies and products at significant savings assured that all purchases align with corporate policy. The same Deem network provides a market for customers to sell to millions of consumers and thousands of corporations via their online or mobile devices through a very seamless CardLinx solution provided by Deem. Deem is headquartered in San Francisco, California.



Movius helps mobilize the global workforce. The Movius Mobility Suite makes it easy for companies to add multiple, company-managed numbers to a corporate- or employee-owned mobile phone. With granular insights and analytics into voice, text and data usage, businesses can increase productivity, lower mobility costs, simplify BYOD management, and improve customer and employee satisfaction. The Movius platform serves more than 50 million people worldwide and is the platform of choice for some of the world's largest mobile carriers.



Lavante® is a leading provider of cloud-based Supplier Management and Recovery software for Fortune 1000 companies. The patented SIM™ platform enables customers to easily onboard all of their suppliers, ensuring regulatory compliance, collecting critical audit information, improving supplier communications, reducing costs and significantly improving the bottom line. Coupling Lavante Recovery with SIM™ provides a powerful open credit collection system from suppliers that in many cases, pays for the SIM application.



Prior Investments

Prior Investments